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This installment includes Henry's thoughts on the lame duck congress and gays in the military and what he does when he's stressed out (as he says “hey now!”). No playlist for his KCRW BROADCAST for tomorrow, at there won't be one, but workaholic Henry made a show anyhow, which you can download! (see below). For more details please visit KCRW.com and HenryRollins.com]

I guess we could talk about this past week's weather. What's there to say, besides I hope none of you got flooded out or suffered massive property damage.

For many, I guess it's almost the end of the year and they are gearing up for gatherings, the ripping open of wrapping paper, parties and the like.

For me, the year ended this week as the US Gov. has basically gone home and it's time to get ready to say hello to House Majority Leader John Boehner, the gentleman from Ohio.

The last minute accomplishments of the lame ducks are good, mediocre or catastrophic feats, depending on whom you ask.

It is interesting that the repeal of DADT didn't come along with the right of gay folks in America to get married. That you can go out into battle and get horribly injured or killed for little pay and it seems, wavering gratitude but you are not allowed to take part in the freedoms that you are supposedly defending from very bad people, who apparently, want to take everything away from all of us. Hypocrisy is nothing new to Americans, take Haley Barbour for example. Please take him. As far as you can and leave him there.

I don't know what you do to relieve frustration or find calm in stressful situations (hey now!) but I can tell you what I do. This may sound incredibly corny but I have been doing this for quite awhile and it works for me every time.

[I read the words of Abraham Lincoln, our sixteenth president. Not only was he incredibly clear in times of trouble, he was also a very funny man. When I read him, I see past my anger with a waste of mamma's cooking like Haley Barbour or anyone who showed up for the “Secession Ball” the other night in Charleston, South Carolina.


Lincoln had to deal with these morons all the time. Hell, one eventually killed him. Until the end, he stayed on track and did his best to steer his country through its darkest chapter. It is obvious that there are some who want nothing more than to drag us all back there.

This is why I like Barack Obama. He's dealing with men and women who are furious that he is trying to even the playing field just a little. You would figure he would get some points for sticking around in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay but no, they hate him day and night. All the while, the man keeps working away as best he can.

He may frustrate you at times–he certainly frustrates me–but damn, he's working with a stubborn bunch of bastards. I try to imagine John McCain shouldering the load and I know that he wouldn't have been able to maintain the level of sheer stamina to keep heading out onto the field every day. 

This is how the year ends for me. I am frustrated about some things but on the other hand, I think we are getting up the road a piece. Perhaps things are a little more sane and perhaps we can get a little further next year

I know this year has one week left but I am already in 2011. I have a lot of plans and hope to get them realized.

KCRW, my home away from home every Saturday night from six to eight pm has seen fit not to have live radio this Saturday. So, I took it upon myself to make my own damn show and put it up for free download. All the information you will need to get it is below.

Until next week, I hope you download the free show and dig it. What is more important is that you have a great holiday and get yourself and all of your friends through the merriment and frivolity in one piece. Weather conditions (and other conditions you may find yourself in) make for a potentially hazardous environment, so be careful out there.

And now, that music hook up:

Since Tha K, KCRW isn't going to have live radio on 12-25-10, I whipped up this low-tech broadcast. It's about 80 minutes. I think it sounds pretty good. The music sounds fine, the voice stuff is ok because of the gear I had.

Each address has a 500 download capacity.

You go to this You Send It site address and download it.

If that one is used up, try this one.

If you have no luck there, this one should work.

That's 1500 downloads, that should do it. Actually, I have no idea.

E-Mail address for Henry: Henryontheradio@gmail.com

Also, if you are a fan of the show and you know someone else who is, please forward this to them so they can download it. Thanks.

If you go to the address and it says that we have gone over the 500 downloads, please let me know so I can re-post it and we can keep jamming.

Thanks for listening and STAY FANATIC!!!  –Henry

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