Loneliness is a devastating condition that takes an immense toll on the health of both men and women from an emotional, physical and mental perspective. While women usually turn to their friends for emotional support, men are more dependent on their family. The effects of loneliness on men are devastating. emlovz, the dating coach service for men, is seeking to reverse this trend through its program “Dating Decoded” that helps men seeking love to optimize their success in the dating world through private and group coaching, an online curriculum and a private student-only community. Students learn everything they need to know about online and in-person dating, messaging, securing dates, and ultimately what they need to know to find a long-term relationship.

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emlovz was the outcome of a social experiment that its founder, Emyli Lovz conducted in her college years at UC Berkeley in California. As part of her studies in political science, her class was conducting social experiments. Emyli decided that as a subject for a social experiment, dating was more important than any aspect of politics. She embarked on her 100 date experiment and found her match when she dated the 51st man, her fiance,and co-founder, Thomas Anthony. Together, they felt that the insights she had gained through the experiment were valuable enough to serve as the basis for a program geared towards helping men optimize their chances in the dating world through a better understanding of what women are looking for and expect from a partner.

Thomas Anthony said, “Our program helps men successfully master every facet of dating through its combination of private mock dates, advice from a celebrity stylist, partnership with a renowned sex coach, private and group dating coaching calls, custom meal planning, and workout routine sessions. We coach members who are out of touch with the online world to prepare and upload an attractive online profile and receive positive responses and more matches. Our biggest differentiator is that we offer both male and female perspectives, thus helping men gain a better understanding of how women think and feel. We also offer a data driven approach that is highly effective and has been successful for thousands of students. Lifetime membership to a community of like-minded individuals and the feedback and support we offer to our members are other key differentiators. It is almost impossible to learn and refine techniques for success in the dating world over a period of five or even 12 weeks. When students enroll into our program, we offer them support and coaching for life.”

Like everything else, the pandemic has had an impact on men and their interest in partnered sex. This has been attributed to many causes, including more time spent on porn, gaming and the advent of the remote and hybrid work cultures, that increasingly blur the boundaries between work and life. emlovz is seeking to bridge this gap by refining the dating strategies of men through its proprietary dating philosophy, MegaDating, and its data driven approach.

Said Emyli Lovz, “During my social experiment 10 years ago, I found that men actually appreciated feedback. Women would rather back out from a relationship rather than tell their dates what they were doing wrong, thus leading to men making the same mistakes over and over. This was how my experiment evolved into a coaching business. Women have moved far away from the “tall, dark, handsome” stereotype. What they are looking for is a partner who can understand them and is capable of responding to their verbal and non verbal cues. By offering both the male and female perspectives and our inputs on how to prepare an online profile, dress and communicate well, we make it possible for our participants to make the best of themselves and find a partner who matches their requirements. My research helped me understand what the causes of success and failure in relationships are and I was able to leverage this to help people build their lives by finding the right partner. Even therapists now understand the importance of a program like ours and have recommended us to many of their clients. Our goal is to help our students go from a mindset of scarcity to abundance, by widening their dating pool through our proprietary philosophy, MegaDating.”

About emlovz

emlovz is a company that is focused on curing the loneliness epidemic using their proprietary dating philosophy, MegaDating, which increases their chances of finding love and the right partner. The firm has a highly professional team comprising coaches, stylists and sex experts to coach men on how they can refine their appearance and behavior in order to get loving, compatible, long-term partners.

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