Sick and tired of helicopters flying low over your neighborhood?

California-based federal legislators, including Sen. Dianne Feinstein and U.S. Rep. Henry Waxman, today introduced the “Los Angeles Residential Helicopter Noise Relief Act” to restrict flight paths and limit how low choppers can fly.

Of course, LAPD “ghetto birds” have been tormenting the people of South and East L.A. for decades. But …

… when wealthy Westsiders and West Valley residents speak up, their government representatives listen.

But BUT … the proposal, also sponsored by Sen. Barbara Boxer and Congressman Adam Schiff, wouldn't apply to LAPD helicopters.

According to a statement from Waxman's office:

Exemptions would be provided for law enforcement, emergency responders and the U.S. military.

Credit: Gerry Metzler

Credit: Gerry Metzler

Of course, the Westside and West Valley don't endure the kind of LAPD helicopter presence seen in South L.A., Boyle Heights, Northeast L.A., the East Valley and Mid-City, right?

Sorry, most of Los Angeles.

This is really about media choppers buzzing over Charlie Sheen's house off Mulholland Drive and the rich neighbors that seems to annoy.

In fact, Schiff says as much:

Los Angeles area residents living in Glendale, Pasadena, the Valley, the Hollywood Hills, West Hollywood and other areas are especially affected by intrusive, disruptive and often non-emergency related helicopter traffic above their neighborhoods. The terrain of canyons around the Rose Bowl concentrates low-flying helicopter noise to high levels, and Hollywood Hills and West Hollywood residents frequently suffer from noise generated by celebrity news media that follow stars to the beach, the grocery store, or for court appearances. The residents in these areas deserve peace and quiet

Waxman seconds that emotion:

I hear complaints about helicopter noise from every part of the 33rd District–from Malibu to Brentwood to Benedict Canyon

Not Benedict Canyon! The horror …

See folks, working class Los Angeles does not deserve “peace and quiet” because you're all criminals anyway!

Anyway, the proposal, if signed into law, would give the FAA a year to come up with altitude and flight path limits for non-government helicopters.

Former Congressman Howard Berman:

Los Angeles County residents should know that they will have an important voice in Washington who will continue to fight for common sense reforms to protect their safety and quality of life from intrusive helicopter flights.

Um. Make that Western, upper-crust Los Angeles County residents, Howie.

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