Todd Glass, the comic whose onstage manic and hilarious tirades sometimes make him seem like he's about to burst a blood vessel, went and had himself a heart attack on the Largo stage a few months ago. Recalls Largo owner Mark Flanagan, “The night he had the heart attack on our stage was at a Sarah Silverman & Friends show, and before, during and after intensive care, etc., he was telling gags!” To help out with the medical bills, a bunch of Glass' hot-shot pals come together for David Spade & Friends Comedy Benefit Show, featuring Spade, Silverman and Adam Carolla, plus other last-minute boldface funny names. Plus, Mr. Glass, who's doing lots of rehab and staying off the road, will be on hand, so let's hope Silverman gives him a good ribbing on things from the heart.

Tue., Aug. 31, 2010

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