Ever hear the one about the alligators that live in the sewer tunnels? Or the mole people in the subways? East Coasters might remember stories of the Jersey Devil prowling the woods outside Trenton; everyone's heard a version of the hook-handed monster that preys on unsuspecting teenagers making out in their cars. And of course, there's Bigfoot. For the group show “Hearsay: Artists Reveal Urban Legends,” curators Lauren Haisch and Wendy Sherman assemble new works of video, photography, sculpture, painting and installation made specially for the exhibition. About 35 artists take on not only their own personal connection to their story's details but also the dark humor and larger meaning for our popular culture carried by these and other such enduring mythologies. The impressive roster of participating artists includes Llyn Foulkes, Jim Shaw, Jeffrey Vallance, Marnie Weber and Robert Williams – all of whom are already known for their particular and peculiar fascination with the pop edge of folklore, comedy and nightmare. California State University Fullerton, Begovich Gallery, 800 N. State College Blvd., Fullerton. Sat., April 12, 5-8 p.m.; free. Exhibition runs through May 8; Mon.-Thu., noon-4 p.m.; Sat., noon-2 p.m. (657) 278-7750. hearsayrevealed.com.

Mondays-Thursdays, Saturdays. Starts: April 12. Continues through May 8, 2014
(Expired: 05/08/14)

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