We've been kind of obsessed with hirsute power trio PPL MVR ever since they came seemingly out of nowhere a little more than a year ago. Are they yetis? Alien, wookiee-like creatures from another planet? Just three sweaty guys in monster suits? Does it really matter? The important thing is, they rock legit, with a sound that's part cock-rock, part power-pop and all kinds of awesome.

So naturally, when their human representatives approached L.A. Weekly and asked if we would like to premiere a brand-new PPL MVR track, we said, “Hell yes!” It's a cover of Danzig's “Mother,” called “MTHR” because PPL MVR hate vowels almost as much as they love Danzig.

We were also able to ask PPL MVR's lead singer and spokes-creature, SNWBLL, a few questions via email. You can read his answers below, as well as find out where you can next experience PPL MVR live in all their fur-flying glory.

What made you decide to cover “Mother”? Is Danzig a big influence on PPL MVR?
We have the deepest love for the Universal MTHR, who gave birth to all living things, including Mister Danzig. That is not what this song is about though.

Is this song dedicated to your mothers? Does PPL MVR have mothers, or are your reproductive methods different from ours?
Every song should be dedicated to every MTHR, they keep the nebula spinning and the nuclei burning — and we all owe our lives to them.

How did you spend your holidays?

Celebrating the natural dying-off of another year, and praying for another successful rebirth.

Would PPL MVR ever play Coachella? Your fur doesn't really seem well suited to that harsh desert heat.
PPLMVRs prefer cooler corners, but we must play our music for any that will listen.

I will be attending my first PPL MVR concert next week. Any tips on how I should prepare?
If your inner animal is sleeping — wake him. Allow his dormant whimper to growl, and perhaps he will yawp again.

What's the most common misconception about PPL MVR?
Life is defined by our perception. Since reality itself is an illusion, there can be no misconceptions (especially about us). Believe what you believe completely, and it is true.

PPL MVR play the Satellite with Walt Mink and LEX on Wednesday, Jan. 13. Tickets and more info at www.thesatellitela.com.

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