If anyone doubts the juice of Nikki Finke and her Deadline Hollywood news site when it comes to the film and TV industry, this weekend's edition of HBO's Entourage demonstrated that she's the kind of journalist who can make a superagent sweat — at least in the show's own misogynistic fantasy land.

Sunday's episode featured an ongoing feud between agent Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) and disgruntled ex-underling (Autumn Reeser as Lizzie Grant): Grant tells Gold she's sent audiotapes of his alleged sexist rants to none other than Deadline Hollywood. A little bit of “ripped from the headlines?” It slightly echoes Mel Gibson's recent misfortunes, but remixed.

HBO executives, meanwhile, said that next summer's season of Entourage would be its last — and that it would be a short, six-episode season at that.

LA Weekly