Larry Guidi, the still-mayor of Hawthorne, has been on leave from his job at the Hawthorne School District since April, when he was accused of stealing an industrial-grade food mixer.

This week, Guidi resigned from his position as the district's facilities manager, according to the Daily Breeze. He'll get $17,000 in severance, which is probably more than you'd get if you were caught stealing from your job at Pizza Hut.

But if that's all it takes to make Guidi go away, then there are probably folks in Hawthorne who would pay him double that to step down from the council.

Guidi also collected a paycheck while he was on leave, and he'll get a check for his unused vacation time. And he won't sue.

Guidi has said he needed the industrial mixer to make pizza dough. His

lawyer says it was old and the district was going to throw it out.

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