. . . the Christmas lights on Hollywood Boulevard don’t go all the way to Vine Street this year?

. . . guitar solos are making a comeback?

. . . cops are the worst drivers in L.A.?

. . . A.A. members outnumber practicing alcoholics?

. . . “More Than a Feeling” by the band Boston and “Carry On My Wayward Son” by the band Kansas get more airplay than any other song on L.A. radio? And that “Back in Black” by AC/DC comes in a close third?

. . . since O.J. killed his wife, the sideline NFL commentators are glamorous white women?

. . . Johnny Mathis has the most annoying singing voice than anyone on the planet, including Sting, Bono and Kenny G’s goddamn saxophone?

. . . Chris Penn is a better actor than Sean Penn?

. . . all lower-rank Scientologists smoke more than Humphrey Bogart?

. . . L.A. hasn’t had an NFL football team since the Raiders left?

. . . maybe spray paint ought to be illegal?

. . . Tommy Chong got screwed?

. . . groping is in vogue?

. . . Pringles potato chips have never changed?

. . . there is a barrage of lists this time of year?

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