Every couple of weeks or so, the Harry Potter store Whimsic Alley in Los Angeles hosts Potter-themed afternoon tea events. Last weekend was one such occasion. Hagrid (or a Hagrid-impersonator) was there. As was a cute Harry (okay, fine, a Harry-impersonator). They (and by “they” I mean “we”) played Wizard Bingo and answered Potter trivia questions like “Name the 12 classes at Hogwarts.” Be warned: study in advance. These Pottermaniac kids may look like ordinary, harmless little nine-year olds, but they are vicious, vicious creatures who know their Rowling-lore backwards and forwards. They will rip you a new one.

Two Potter nerds. Wingardium leviosa!

Two Potter nerds. Wingardium leviosa!

The Whimsic Alley staff serves tea sandwiches (ham, cheese, cucumber) and scones and brownies and tea in their “Great Hall.” It costs $40 (with a ten dollar discount if you book in advance) which is about what you'd pay for afternoon tea at a fancy hotel. Pricey, but fandom usually is.

I'm told the Tarot & Tea Leaf Readings event is an especially good one.

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