Operators of a public venue pulled the plug on an Eastside rave this weekend, ostensibly as a result of unruliness at the massive Electric Daisy Carnival event at the Los Angeles Coliseum — and the subsequent death of a 15-year-old girl who had attended the party.

The Whittier Daily News reports that Fresh Squeezed 2010, scheduled for Saturday at the Pico Rivera Sports Arena, is out of juice. The private company that runs the venue, leased by the city from the Army Corps of Engineers, got cold feet and nixed the rave.

“I think what happened at the Coliseum put a magnifying glass on those events,” assistant city manager Jeff Prang told the paper.

The Pico Rivera rave was expected to draw as many as 8,000 fans of electronic dance music, with a minimum age of 15. “I have serious concerns about it,” said Sheriff's Capt. James Thornton, head of the Pico Rivera Station.

“When you get children mixing with adults, there's no telling what can happen,” he said. ” … Those things are known for kids doing (drugs). That's a given.”

Electric Daisy Carnival attracted national headlines after the death of Sasha Rodriguez, who was believed to have taken ecstasy. The event saw as many as 200,000 patrons, with 60 arrests and more than 200 medical emergencies.

The county Board of Supervisors is creating a rave task force to make recommendations about how to make such events safer. The Coliseum is jointly controlled by the city, county and state.

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