Harlembling – Best Celebrity Quality Jeweler At Affordable Prices

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Harlembling is one of the best hip hop jewelry companies in USA now! What makes a jewelry company “good”? Quality of the jewelry, shipping speed, selection/variety, prices, & customer service. There are many companies that have high quality but are very expensive or have cheap prices but bad customer service & lack of variety. Harlembling hits all the points by delivering the best iced out jewelry at the best value! Why spend $50,000 on a diamond tennis chain or iced ou choker when you get the same quality from Harlembling for a fraction of the price!


Jewelry to be considered needs to be “real”. What is real jewelry? Real jewelry is that made from precious metals such as gold or silver! Harlembling sells only real solid silver & gold jewelry! They also have one of the largest selections of moissanite jewelry. Moissanite looks identical to diamonds and even passes the diamond tester. Celebrities, rappers, athletes, & even political figures have been wearing moissanite jewelry for years already! Harlembling manufacturers all their jewelry in a factory in Italy and has hundreds of Italian chains both in 925 silver and gold.

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Shipping Speed:

What is crazy is how the advent of the internet created a rise in “dropshipping”. 90% of all the “stores” and “shops” that you see daily on Instagram simply dropship cheap inferior products such as mens hip hop jewelry or clothing from Chinese sweatshops. Being shipped from overseas the products take weeks even months to come. Harlembling ships all the product from their warehouse in USA so it only takes a few days to arrive! Whether you buy a moissanite Jesus piece or iced out studs, the product is in their hands and ready to arrive to your doorstep.


Harlembling has a huge selection of mens jewelry. Thousands of items ranging from iced out rings, pendants, hip hop chains, bracelets, earrings, & so much more! They have a selection of 100+ choices only in Jesus pieces! Rings you can get anything from a classic nugget ring to an iced out pinky ring.  They also just launched their own brand of moissanite watches. The attention to detail on these iced out watches in amazing and rival brands like Rolex, Cartier, & others! A Harlembling hip hop moissanite watch was even spotted recently by a celebrity on the red carpet in Hollywood.

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Perhaps the #1 reason why Harlembling is the best men’s jewelry company is their prices! The owner educates the consumer through his YouTube channel and really explains how to save money buying jewelry online. When buying jewelry, you pay for the cost of the precious metal and the labor and the markup! Cost of the precious metals can’t be changed; however the labor and markups vary from company to company. Harlembling manufacturers their own jewelry and they do it on a huge scale with hundreds of bench jewelers that work in their factory in Italy. They aren’t “middleman” and are a manufacturer. By eliminating the “middleman” you are getting the cheapest real jewelry from them. For instance, they sell 1ct moissanite stud earrings for $39.95, on Amazon as well as all the other places online these earrings costs $100-200. Harlembling truly brings wholesale prices to the consumer.

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Customer Service:

Harlembling has great customer service. They are based in the USA so when you send an email you get a native English speaker not someone halfway across the globe using a translator. Returns are very easy, and they even provide a free label if you ever want to return or exchange anything. Harlembling has 4.6 stars on Trustpilot. Harlembling has been in business for many many years, and they aren’t going anywhere so shop with confidence!

All in all, Harlembling is a great choice for jewelry. Whether you are getting a pinky ring as a Fathers Day gift or a plain Italian 925 silver rope chain it will be great jewelry. The only problem is that its sometimes hard to decide what you want and if you aren’t careful, you will get addicted to buying Harlembling jewelry 🙂

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