The Saints

(I’m) Stranded (EMI/Sire)

Hard-On for the Saints: Ray Ahn of the Hard-Ons told us about his love for the debut album from fellow veteran Australian punks the Saints.

Im Stranded


Ray Ahn: The debut LP by the Saints ushered in unthinkable velocity and power in pop music that drew a line between ROCK and PUNK. This is remarkable because no act had presented music like this before.

Put simply, “(I’m) stranded” is a blistering album where every instrument sounds like it is in a race with the others to the finish. The music has potent urgency not found in any other record on earth. That the album still sounds fresh and timeless is a testament to what a once in a lifetime freak of an album it really is.

(I’m) Stranded is a rampaging sound of desperation, alienation and unwavering focus. It became a blueprint and inspiration for modern day punk sounds. Even arguably more so than even the debut LP by the Ramones. This album is the re-set button for Rock And Roll music, that had moved away by 1977 from the angst and rawness of the past into somewhat alienating and turgid music of stadium rock’n’pomp.

(I’m) Stranded is the album the music world needed. It still needs it, today.

Hard-On for the Saints: The Hard-Ons’ new album Ripper 23 is out from June 2.

































































































































































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