West Coast Sound knows what you want, and we're here to give it to you. As you probably already know, tonight is Har Mar Superstar's record release party at the Echo. He birthed the new album, Dark Touches on Sept. 29th, but tonight he will slather the Echo with his new svelte cuts including an ode to a night in, “Game Night,” and his megapop (sure-to-be) hit, “Tall Boy” (a song originally written for Britney Spears). There will be some rolling around, some tighty (sorta) whiteys and a healthy amount of glistening man-sheen upon his belly and brow. But after tonight, how will you commemorate this evening of ridiculosity? With a Har Mar Heartthrob poster, of course! Perfectly sized for your locker, Lisa Frank trapper-keeper, or cubicle wall, this poster is not only a memento of male-pattern radness but it's a promise. Har Mar will rock you.

(Locker Poster and media dump after the jump…)

Envision a Britney Har Mar collab [“Tall Boy” MP3]

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