If you want to amuse yourself, try calling Williams-Sonoma to ask what they're doing for Star Wars Day. You can imagine a nicely coiffed salesperson on the other end of the line, not completely understanding the question: “Star Wars what?” Or they'll laugh and ask if your kid put you up to this, to which you may or may not confess, no, it's just you, three decades old and more than ready to sprint right past shiny copper All-Clad pans and pastel-colored Le Creusets to get to the sugar cookies shaped like Yoda's head.

If you don't have a kid to remind you, or you're a kid at heart, today is Star Wars Day (say “May the Fourth” fast enough, and it'll turn into “May the force (be with you)” like a verbal flip book). George Lucas envisioned the Millennium Falcon as a “flying hamburger,” so it's only fitting that you celebrate this grand holiday with properly themed food. A few ideas, after the jump.

First, Williams-Sonoma is indeed celebrating: There will be Star Wars cookies for customers, while supplies last, plus a sale on R2-D2-shaped spatulas and everything else in its Star Wars line of products.

Then, you can rewatch the original trilogy and throw yourself the ultimate Star Wars drinking game: Two shots for every time you see the Stormtrooper Effect in action, say, accompanied with ice cubes in the shape of R2-D2 and Han Solo trapped in carbonite, bento boxes that look like Stormtroopers and artfully crafted soba noodles in the vague shape of Chewbacca. And to top it all off, justJENN has a special recipe for a cake in the shape of a wampa's severed arm; if you're so inclined, probably can be modified slightly to become the severed arm of Ponda Baba instead.

Whatever you do, stay away from the Dark Side Coffee Roast. We found it “inoffensive but without any distinctive character,” which is pretty much the antithesis of everything Dark Side of the Force represents.

Happy Star Wars Day, everyone. And may the force be with you. Today, anyway.

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