Tomorrow is May the Fourth, which means it is Star Wars Day (say the date quickly if you don't get it, or go to the comic book store for Free Comic Book Day and say the line out loud. Surely someone will fill in the blanks (see also: Pee-Wee Herman in Texas)).

Of course, if you, like Disney, would prefer that nearly every day be Star Wars Day, you can easily celebrate with appropriately themed food: There's a cookbook for all your recipe needs, plus blogs like justJENN Recipes have quite an impressive array of Star Wars-related baked goods.

But if you don't feel like cooking or baking in 80-degree weather, celebrate instead by perusing a recent issue of Wired to read Alton Brown's take on the so-called blue milk that Luke Skywalker drinks in the beginning of Episode IV.

The popular theory is that the milk comes from the herds of bantha roaming the planet, but Brown doubts whether milk can actually be blue. Instead, he suggests the substance is more likely plant-based: After all, Luke Skywalker's farm “includes some kind of hydroponic garden ­capable of growing a soy-type bean, and even if the family had to rely on dry legumes, these could easily be stored in Tatooine's climate. What's more, purple/blue flavonoids are relatively common in the plant world, and they're good for you to boot.” Right.

Of course, if none of the above makes sense to you because you're neither much of a Star Wars fan nor Harold McGee, maybe you should make those Darth Vader cookies after all and watch an old episode of Muppet Babies in which the Death Star is reimagined as a giant tomato that hates jokes. May the fourth …

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