Sorry to be a Buzz Killington here, but don't blame the messenger: The group that staged a sparsely attended and beat-down-prone white-supremacist rally in downtown Los Angeles on April 17 has declared Cinco de Mayo “Report An Illegal Day.”

National Socialist Movement states (PDF) that “millions of illegals have swarmed across our undefended borders and the government has done nothing to protect us.” And so, on this beer holiday, the group wants you to turn in your least favorite undocumented worker — and his employer. “Turn in to DHS, ICE, and the IRS businesses that you suspect of hiring illegals,” the group states. “Enforcement starts at the local level.”

We're not sure where to begin with this one: Are the neo-Nazis aware that Cinco de Mayo isn't really a major holiday in Mexico, save for the state of Puebla? Or that it's mostly an excuse to drink beer in the United States? Or that it's embraced more by Americans and Mexican-Americans than the confused Mexican immigrants who wonder why we go so ape-shit over a small victory against the French army? (Who hasn't kicked French ass?).

It's way too much to expect some historical understanding from these particular white supremacists. They published a laundry list of the alleged negative effects of illegal immigration, little of which has a basis in fact or reality.

Maybe it should be “Deport A FAILien Day,” with some skin-headed, reverse immigration to match.

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