So you deftly bobbed and weaved around all those holiday DUI checkpoints we told you about like you were dancing with a star and thought, Whew, glad that's over with. I'm such a rad driver. Thanks LA Weekly.

Sorry to break this news folks, but …

… with the new year comes a whole new can of DUI whoop ass from the LAPD. And we've got the deets on Friday night's checkpoint:

It happens from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. on Roscoe Boulevard between Woodley Avenue and Haskell Avenue in Van Nuys.

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Now, why do we tip you off about this stuff? Don't ask us. Ask the LAPD. They want you to know. They think that the info will make you think twice about having that last J.D. on the rocks:

Sobriety checkpoints are a proven enforcement tool effective in reducing the number of persons killed and injured in alcohol involved crashes, as well as being an valuable means for heightening awareness of the dangers of impaired driving.

Got it? Good.

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