It's Friday morning. Who needs a healthy breakfast? Certainly not you, because you'll be celebrating National Doughnut Day, if you have any sense at all.

That's because we live in such an amazingly doughnut-rich city. How do we know? Perhaps because we have a top 10 doughnuts post in the works. (Cough, cough. Suggestions? Favorites? Tweets us @laweeklyfood.)

While some lament the lack of Dunkin Donuts around these parts, we don't miss that east coast chain, which is really more about the coffee than the pastries, in the least. Sweet rings from the Donut Man or The Buttermilk Truck or Bob's Coffee & Doughnuts are what get us going. There are even some vegan or gluten-free options nearby that are nothing to shake a stick at, nor are some of the finds at one of the strip-mall sandwich/croissant/ice cream/doughnut shops in town.

The point is, you can turn this city into a doughnut adventure, if you're so inclined, and today, you have no excuse not to.

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