Hey there, Hip Dad! Yeah, you with the tattoo of your little ones’ baby footprints on your arm, pushing the leopard-print stroller with the adorable tot wearing the ironic “Chicks Dig Me” T-shirt. It’s your day today, a.k.a. Father’s Day. And because you are so adventurous yet studied in your tastes, we’ve picked out a slightly grown-up yet NPR-approved outing called Notes From the Edge. Singer (chanteuse even) Kathy Fisher, musician Mark Governor and ensemble take rock songs by Radiohead, Björk, Pink Floyd, David Bowie and the Killers and interpret them via string quartet and vocals. How is this a good thing? Wine tasting beforehand, that’s how. Show at 8 p.m., wine tasting at 6 p.m.; $22 & $27.
Sun., June 15, 8 p.m., 2008

LA Weekly