Hand embroidery takes to the streets with Tints

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“Change is inevitable in the fashion industry, but the speed at which streetwear has transformed from a niche to a mainstream staple is startling,” muses Simmi Sen, the visionary high school senior behind the eco-friendly fashion brand, Tints. Far from your average teenage business venture, Tints is making a bold statement in the $185 billion streetwear industry with a message: high-quality, sustainable fashion is not a passing trend but a lifestyle choice.

An Unusual Path to Entrepreneurship

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Simmi has been a maverick in the fashion industry from the start. Breaking away from the traditional path of fashion houses and design schools, Simmi carved out her unique journey. “I envisioned Tints as more than just a brand; it’s a beacon, demonstrating to the world that style and sustainability can work hand in hand while also changing lives,” she asserts.

Sen’s vision is unlike anything the streetwear scene has witnessed before. The brand combines eco-friendliness with handcrafted quality, creating a contrast in a world dominated by machine-made, chemical-laden products. The result is a fan base growing in loyalty and an entirely new segment within the streetwear market.

The journey of Tints, from its early days of seed funding from Taco Bell to the mentorship from Disney Dreamers Academy, has been unconventional. Today, it’s an established brand that has sold out in-store in the fashion capitals of LA, NYC, and Portland. All this while its founder navigates the challenging world of high school.

Fusing Fashion with Social Impact

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Sen’s brand is breaking boundaries with its products and core ethos. A central part of Tints’ mission is to educate, train, and employ orphan girls at Distressed Children International (DCI) as skilled artisans and embroidery artists. “I aim to empower these girls and help them break free from the cycle of generational poverty,” says Simmi. It’s a business model that goes beyond profit, intertwining growth with positive social impact.

This initiative has already created a lifeline for 16 DCI graduates, which offers them both employment opportunities and a fulfilling career that allows them to utilize and enhance their artisanal skills.

Sen’s response is Tints’ impressive growth trajectory and the strong market response to its unique product line. It’s an answer that speaks for itself. The brand’s ambitious year-on-year growth target of 100% might raise eyebrows, but given the rising consumer preference for sustainable and ethically produced goods, it’s not entirely far-fetched.

The Future of Tints

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The future of Tints, in Sen’s eyes, is as bright as her ambition. “In the long run, I envision Tints to be one of the top brands while achieving 100% employability of DCI graduating students,” she affirms.

Tints’ story is a testament to the changing landscape of the fashion industry, moving away from mass production towards unique, ethically produced, and environmentally-friendly alternatives. It’s a refreshing shift, and the success of Simmi Sen’s brand will be a milestone in this transformation. While challenges abound, Sen’s journey shows that fusing style, sustainability, and social good into a successful business venture is possible. Only time will tell how much this teen-led revolution can reshape the world of fashion. 

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