5. Miley Cyrus

Materials needed: Foam finger; fuzzy bear leotard; mini buns; tongue removed from mouth.

Pros: The mini bun trend is back!

Cons: Everyone else will be wearing this. Alan Thicke may grind with you.

Credit: Jena Ardell

Credit: Jena Ardell

4. Riff Raff (above)

Materials needed: Neon tank top; crazy-print boxer shorts; reflective rainbow shades; bling; wads of money from far-flung locales.

Pros: An excuse to wear your outdated Oakleys.

Cons: RiFF RaFF may sue you for stealing his likeness.

See also: Becoming Riff Raff: How a White Suburban Kid Morphed Into Today's Most Enigmatic Rapper

Credit: Jena Ardell

Credit: Jena Ardell

3. Lana Del Rey

Materials needed: Old Hollywood hair; crown of flowers; monochromatic outfit that borders on vintage; pouty lips.

Pros: You'll look great in Instagram selfies.

Cons: Too much vamp, you'll look like Jessica Rabbit.

Credit: Jena Ardell

Credit: Jena Ardell

2. Daft Punk

Materials needed: Black suit; gloves; helmets.

Pros: Girls love a sharp-dressed man.

Cons: You won't be able to make out with any of them through your helmet.

Credit: Jena Ardell

Credit: Jena Ardell

1. Blurred Lines Girl

Materials needed: White crop top; white high-rise underwear; white platform shoes; inflatible letters; red lipstick; no shame.

Pros: Everyone's boyfriend will be staring at you.

Cons: You will freeze your ass off and will become an item of boring cultural debate.

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