We must have been in a bad mood when Halfpops hit our desk, because it practically offended us. We remember thinking, “What is this? Why would anyone want to eat a bunch of half-popped kernels that look like rejects from the popcorn factory? What's next, packaged potato chip crumbs? This isn't 'the crunchy heart of popcorn,' as the slogan so whimsically claims it to be. This is crunchy bullshit.”

But then we opened the package and tried a bite. Next thing we knew, the whole bag was empty.

Inside the Halfpops bag

Inside the Halfpops bag

And along with our immediate binge remorse came regret for having been so judgmental, because these little nibbles were quite delicious.

Halfpops are basically what we thought they were — the just barely hatched popcorn kernels one usually finds at the bottom of the microwave bag. Except these are air-popped, so none of that greasy faux butter coats it. There's an intense popcorn flavor, but since the fluffy coating of full-fledged popcorn is nowhere to be found, the crunch factor is upped considerably, making them quite addicting.

Right now Halfpops come in “natural butter & pure ocean sea salt flavor” (to be precise) as well as natural aged white cheddar.

They're currently taking votes on their website for what the next flavor should be: kettle corn, chipotle & lime and jalapeno aged cheddar cheese. Personally we'd pick the one of the latter two. A spicy version of these could give wasabi peas a run for their money.

Halfpops are available at Joan's on Third and Bristol Farms. For more locations where they can be found, click here.

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