With Goop, her website/newsletter devoted to… everything, Gwyneth Paltrow somehow manages to achieve the rare feat of being simultaneously earnest and sincere yet utterly clueless and risible. Questionable recipes and peppy advice about enjoying the simple pleasures of life? We'll buy it. Impossibly rigorous exercise regimens and obnoxiously expensive designer must-haves for the “ordinary woman”? Yeah, right.

Whether you fall into the “love Gwyneth” or “love to hate Gwyneth” camp (we vacillate between the two), you can now get more of her. While Gwynnie — whose cookbook My Father's Daughter was published in April; check out the review — was busy running around with a butterfly net, trapping the stray thoughts that float across her mind like errant butterflies, a tech team has been hard at work on expanding the lifestyle website into a mobile app, Goop City Guide ($3.99), which launched yesterday.

The front page of Goop City Guide, NYC.

The front page of Goop City Guide, NYC.

Done in dulcet watercolor tones that recall Daily Candy, the app is a New York city guide that's divided into 18 sections like Shops, Culture, Bars, NYC Walks and A Day in New York. It also includes two short films featuring Paltrow.

Look for Gwyneth to extend her brand by bringing the Goop City Guide to more cities. Do we want to see Paltrow's version of Los Angeles? Oh, lord yes. We'll also take the privilege that comes with it, thank you very much.

*Note: If you want to carp that we're merely jealous because Gwyneth Paltrow is thin, beautiful, wealthy, successful and seems to come from a well-adjusted family, you are 100% right.

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