“Remember Julie & Julia? This is like that but with more Sammy Hagar.” That's the tagline for the brilliant blog, Gwynedd & Guy, in which one woman, writer Gwynedd Stuart, attempts to cook her way though Guy Fieri's cookbook Guy Fieri Food: Cookin' it. Livin' it. Lovin' it.

The Gwynedd/Guy project's author is described thusly:

An endearingly modest woman who can kinda write and barely cook. Until I become bored with doing this, I'll cook my way through Fieri's book, which contains more than 150 “off-the-hook” recipes, including Buffalo Balls, Tequila Turkey Fettuccine, and a thing called No Can Beato this Taquito.

In the end, I just want us all to feel closer to Guy Fieri. To a point that it's sweaty and breathy and uncomfortable.

So far, Stuart has cooked her way through three of Fieri's out-of-bounds recipes, including the Garlic-Onion-Tortilla Stack (“I'm sorry. Have you ever looked at a cake and NOT thought you'd be more interested in it if it was a slippery-slappity stack of tortillas and onions and garlic and mayonaise? Heh. (Thumbs nose, grabs crotch.)”), the Cheddar Trans-Porter Soup (“Listen. If there's a person who doesn't play by the rules, it's Guy “eats soup on the surface of the sun whilst also looking very much like the sun” Fieri. This is common ground on which we park our matching yellow Lamborghinis.”) and No Can Beato This Taquito.

Full disclosure: Stuart is a friend and former colleague of mine. But I know a lot of journalists and read a lot of their work and NONE give me half the joy or have me snorting the ugly laugh snorts that this blog does.

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