Taco Bell is testing a new breakfast item, based on the cereal Cap'n Crunch called Cap'n Crunch Delights. It's like a donut hole with a cream filling, and it's meant to evoke milk and cereal. On a scale of Doritos Tacos Locos to Very Bad Idea, I put this on the loser end, because a) No one likes cereal any more and b) That sounds disgusting. You can head to Bakersfield, which is where it's being tested, and find out for yourself. 

Ruth Reichl has been spending a lot of time in our fair city recently, and documenting much of her L.A. dining on her blog. This week, she revisits Maude, and chronicles her nine-course parsnip menu in detail. And speaking of Maude, Forbes has an article detailing how chef Curtis Stone comes up with his menus, which are based around a different ingredient monthly. They call it a “secret kitchen lab,” but it kind of just seems like a secondary test kitchen near the restaurant? 

Over at Los Angeles Magazine, Bill Esparza gives us the rundown of the state of birria in L.A

Blogger Eddie Lin wonders what the hell is up with Alan Richman's 25 Best New Restaurants article for GQ. Specifically he's flabbergasted that Shi Hai made the cut, being only mediocre dim sum in a city that has plenty of better-than-mediocre dim sum to offer. 

Guy Fieri played marriage officiant to a giant gay marriage ceremony in Florida last weekend.  

Jean Grae, the badass NYC-based rapper who is constantly creating — self-producing albums, web shows and more — has been given a cooking column by Jezebel. Her first column is about how to make a 4 a.m. bacon onion ring burger that will save your life

David Wondrich, Esquire drinks writer and all-round cocktail hero, makes the case against the return of the crappy cocktail. This is amusing, because it's my theory that Wondrich is at least in part to blame for the resurgence of '70s and '80s drinks. It was his seminar at Tales of the Cocktail a couple of years ago, in which he discussed the Dark Ages of cocktails, that kicked off the movement to return to Long Island Ice Teas and Fuzzy Navels.  

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