Cops are mad he didn't get more time. From the Daily News:

Tagger gets year for damaging dozens of buses

Deputy, prosecutor decry judge's ruling in case

One of L.A.'s most prolific taggers was sentenced to a year in jail Monday for etching his moniker on dozens of Metro buses citywide – a punishment that angered police and the prosecutor who handled his case.

Gustavo “Guser” Romero, 23, of South Los Angeles damaged $108,000 worth of property during his two-year graffiti spree that included other Metro property and 52 acts of vandalism, prosecutors said.

Deputy District Attorney Jeffrey Greenberg had asked for a 35-year prison sentence for Romero, who ended up with the year in jail and five years' probation after pleading guilty Monday.

“This is and was a prison-type case, in my opinion, with the substantial losses and damage,” Greenberg said.

Los Angeles County sheriff's Deputy Devin Vanderlaan was livid after the sentencing. He had spent two years trying to track down Romero.

“It's ridiculous. I'm shocked,” he said. “That's why the city and county are messed up like they are. This was a strong case.”

Right! That's why the city and county are messed up. Taggers! I'm so glad to find out that LA's problems are not about transportation or education or affordable housing. What a relief.

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