Please be patient while my nephew builds my internets. Namaste…

There's a new social media guru in town, only this one is an actual guru. Our new friend Guru Ji has been summoned by the universe to grace Los Angeles with his wisdom and spiritual healing. After four years, four months, four days, four hours, and maybe a few minutes living in the forest and philosophizing with the animals, Guri Ji has decided to make this great city his home. He learned of our digital tools and communication strategies through the power of yoga, which has become so popular in Los Angeles that it has spread all the way to India.

Guri Ji's first message to us is to tweet out our feelings with romance. He says with humble abode, “There is no point in engaging with transparency if you do not do it with romance.”

He'll be romancing the red carpet at the Streamy Awards this Sunday, April 11. So keep an eye out for a stately male yogi with a long beard. (He's camera shy, so we need to make him comfortable.)

In the meantime, take a listen to some simple and sound [audio-1].

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