As a Texan, I grew up in a house with guns in it and while I’ve lived in the country, I had a gun or two. However, I have not owned a gun in many, many decades. I am a Libertarian, a strong supporter of the Second Amendment. But I don’t like guns. Still, the idea that someone will be deprived of their right because they have to make a choice between having a gun and having cannabis is really just weird. You don’t have to stop drinking if you own a gun, although you probably should make a choice there. I know which one I would choose, I could live without a gun.

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You have carved out an exception for our gigantic, beloved, all-consuming drug war so they can have a plan to alleviate their suffering, but they can’t have a gun to defend themselves. Then there is the idea someone actually needs cannabis for medical purposes, so are they unfit now?

“We have such a terrible problem with shootings at medical marijuana dispensaries.” No. But at bars? Yeah. So it is one of the perverse effects of the drug war that, in fact, works against the drug war. It is going to be funny to see the politicians who have to choose between marijuana and guns. That is no trick question to come up with your trick answer.

LA Weekly