Can you believe has been blogging #socalfood for a year? We are so #grateful and #blessed to have you. Isn't Southern California an exciting place to eat? 

It goes without saying that your insights and support have made farm-to-table the expansive, inclusive movement it is today. That said, we're #blessed to share this exciting new frontier in the way people eat that we have christened Ralphs-to-Table.]

The Ralphs-to-Table movement began an evening some weeks ago when, after buying sockeye salmon at #FishWithoutNets in Hancock Park, I drove all the way to Mar Vista to buy an organic melon, up to La Cañada for fresh bread, and then all the way back to Silver Lake for my CSA delivery. Arriving home, I exclaimed to my husband, “If only there were some place, some sort of establishment that sold meat, and fruit, and bread.”

It went on like this for weeks. Then one night, we were driving home and saw a big, lit-up parking lot filled with people pushing grocery carts. Out of curiosity, we pulled in. We went inside. They had Japanese eggplants. They had Stilton cheese. They had Mrs. Dash. “This is amazing,” I said to my husband. And he said, “This is what happens when you clear a space for …” He struggled to find the right words.

“For a grocery store?” I asked. We smiled at each other, and I felt like I had come home.

We started out slow. Then one day I turned to my husband and said, “Should we try a whole month of eating Ralphs-to-Table?” Our friends thought we were crazy. But we stuck with it. That was a year ago, and we've been eating Ralphs-to-Table — now we call it RTT! — ever since.

RTT isn't for everyone. It takes a solid commitment to driving to Ralphs. But once you decide, “Hey, my family is worth this,” and you see how amazing you feel — not to mention how fast a little Go-Gurt shuts up a 7-year-old — it becomes easy.

We used to think it was so wonderful that we ate locally, and even regionally. Now everything my family eats is from a source only a mile away. If that's not sustainability, I don't know what is.

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