Thomas Kelley

Michael Kandel

A Peace Out West: Mourning the Late Michael Kandel of Tranquility Bass

“We got something better for you,” Michael Kandel would say. And he always did have something better, transmitting from Heaven, the name of Tranquility Bass’ original studio, launched in the heady days of California's early rave scene. Mike Kandel, who with Tom Chasteen formed Los Angeles’ first EDM label Exist Dance......
Joy Through Noise's Nina Boneta; Credit: Photo by Alexandra Brown

Can This Event Unite L.A.'s Goth, Industrial and Dark Electronic Scenes?

Do androids have nightmares? It’s a question sci-fi author Philip K. Dick implied and electronic music has long explored, up through industrial, acid house and today’s darker EDM. But at the same time, that obsession has lost some of its vim, stretched somewhere between ‘80s goth tropes and festival-goers looking......
DJ Dan; Credit: Courtesy of the artist

DJ Dan Looks Back on 20 Years of Dance Floor Mayhem

DJ Dan’s sets are like an exorcism. Born Daniel Wherrett, he’s been a staple on the West Coast and national rave scenes since the 1990s. He toured with Carl Cox and reigned over San Francisco as part of the Funky Tekno Tribe during the heady late '90s tech boom. But......
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