Susan Hornik

Frida Mexican Cuisine; Credit: Amy Graves

Seven Cantinas for a Mariachi Serenade

Let’s face it, mariscos, mole, carnitas and cochinita pibil all taste better when a band of mariachis enthusiastically performs in front of you. Dressed in the vibrant traje de charro, you can’t help but be mesmerized as each vocalist takes turns showing off their musical prowess, whether onstage or weaving through the restaurant’s tables....
The people of Art Beyond the Glass; Credit: Eugene Lee

L.A. Bartenders Share Their Art Beyond the Glass

Savvy L.A. bartenders do more than make great drinks — they create experiences. Nowhere was that more apparent than at Art Beyond the Glass, the annual cocktail culture community event that brings together 100-plus mixologists flaunting their artistry outside of their bars....
Freedman's Pastrami Crunchwrap; Credit: Dylan + Jeni

Arroyo Seco Food Lineup Shares Festival's Focus on Diversity

While Los Angeles has never had a Woodstock, we do have Pasadena’s Arroyo Seco Weekend, a two-day event that brings together people, numerous musical genres and, of course, delicious food. Reflecting a diverse lineup, the festival’s culinary choices are a foodie melting pot of ethnic deliciousness....
Credit: Courtesy BlackManWhiteBaby

BlackManWhiteBaby's Provocative Self-Portraits Explore Racial and Gender Identity

The cancellation of Roseanne after her offensive tweets yesterday (the same day Starbucks coffeehouses closed across the country for the afternoon for racial bias training, and a week after the NFL's decision regarding taking a knee during the National Anthem) highlights a sad fact: The racial divide in this country is deeper than ever. BlackManWhiteBaby's provocative portraiture aims to contribute to the cultural conversation....
Visitors explore the Seed to Plate Garden at a fundraising event.; Credit: Courtesy Chez Melange

Chez Melange's Seed to Plate Garden Program Aids Special Needs Youth

Chez Melange owner Michael Franks and co-owner/chef Robert Bell have been thrilled with the success of their Redondo Beach bistro, but their real joy stems from a quaint garden at the former Valmonte Elementary School site.The duo started the Seed to Plate Garden program to build a self-sustaining work environment for special needs students. “I wanted children growing up to understand that food does not come just from the supermarket,” Bell says. “Where it begins is much more exciting. For young people to see vegetables growing, for them to taste something just off the vine, is a life-changing experience. That’s what I wanted them to have.”...
Spam musubi at Da Kikokiko; Credit: Bethany Nauert

Da Kikokiko Chef Brooke Williamson Touts Spam as "Guilty Pleasure"

Just the mention of Spam on a menu may make some people ... less hungry. Nevertheless, Top Chef season 14 winner Brooke Williamson is out to change your perception of the canned meat product. At their cozy, casual Playa Vista cafe, Da Kikokiko (it means “the spot” in Hawaiian), the veteran celebrity chef and her co-chef husband, Nick Roberts, offer two Spamlicious items....
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