Steven Leigh Morris

Disconnection; Credit: Photo by Ed Krieger

Scientology Inspires a New Play in Beverly Hills (GO!)

Allen Barton’s absorbing new drama, Disconnection, spun from his experiences with Scientology, looks at the fallout from a regime change at a self-improvement church, when that church, under a new administration, devolves into an abusive cult. When amateur pianist Landon (Bo Foxworth) resumes his musical hobby with the help of......
Sons of the Prophet; Credit: Anne McGrath

An Absurd Pulitzer Finalist Play About Two Lebanese Brothers (GO!)

Shakespeare’s adage from Hamlet, “When sorrows come, they come not single spies, but in battalions,” seems to course through Stephen Karam’s Pulitzer Prize finalist play, Sons of the Prophet. The sorrows arrive with such tenacity upon a Lebanese immigrant family that they become a source of humor. One character learned to......
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Billy Elliot – The Musical

In one of many striking images in Brian Kite’s staging of Billy Elliot – The Musical, an army of northeast England miners, having had their strike busted by Maggie Thatcher, descend en masse into a pit, the lamps on their helmets blazing forward, as they sing the rousing “Once We......