Simone Wilson

Sight: "I know I did a lot of damage

Los Angeles' War on Street Artists

See also: How the City of Gardena Turns Every Piece of Graffiti Into a Felony CrimeThe Secrets of L.A. Street Art: Bumblebee, Sharktoof and Linelinedot Discuss Their WorkFuck New York: Street Art Began Here in L.A. Back when L.A. graffiti artist Sight was a teenager, he began slipping out of his......
Party's over

Chateau Marmont to Lindsay Lohan: Be Out by Noon, Never Come Back

See also: LA Weekly's print profile on Phil Pavel, "ringmaster of the Chateau Marmont." On July 31, Lindsay Lohan was given until noon the next day to gather up all her crap from Suite 33 at West Hollywood's luxurious Chateau Marmont -- the Elizabeth Taylor jewels, the Sam Magid jewels,......