Simone Wilson

Surprise: Team USA is hibernating in your ball sack.; Credit: Wikipedia

Human Sperm Can Swim in Perfect 3-D Spirals, UCLA Reveals

One more reason for dudes to walk around like they're hoarding the Eighth World Wonder in their boxer-briefs: UCLA has revealed that human sperm can swim in a gorgeous, nature-perfect, three-dimensional spiral -- not unlike the helix formed by human DNA, aesthetically -- instead of just squiggling along in a......
Lost dogs: Too controversial for the 90210?; Credit: Courtesy of Craig Hudson

Beverly Hills Enforcing Ban on Lost-Dog Flyers

So apparently Beverly Hills has this super OCD ban on putting up any "notice, placard, bill, card, poster, sticker, banner, sign, ad" in a public place. But it's not like Department of Building and Safety officials constantly go around hunting down every last piece of paperstuff, reports the Beverly Hills......