Simone Wilson

X-rays show the injuries of hit-and-run victim Marie Hardwick.; Credit: COURTESY OF MARIE HARDWICK

L.A.'s Bloody Hit-and-Run Epidemic

The last thing Marie Hardwick remembers from the morning of Sunday, March 25, as she legally crossed Wilshire Boulevard is glancing through the windshield of a shiny black sports car — into the expressionless eyes of a man who, milliseconds later, shot his sedan like a bullet into her delicate......
Avalon Beach: Bathe if you dare.

The 7 Most Disgusting L.A. Beaches

See also: "Dirty Beaches? Not in L.A. (Well, for the Most Part)" Were you chin-deep in scary ocean bacteria all summer long, without ever realizing it? Now, thanks to local environmental org Heal the Bay, your blissful summertime ignorance shall be briskly swiped clean by the hard facts of fall!......
The big crapple.; Credit: Bjørn Giesenbauer via Flickr

Survey: New York Now Beats Los Angeles as 'America's Dirtiest City'

New York and Los Angeles, the nation's two largest cities, are notoriously filthy in their own special ways. New York packs its residents in extra tight for that one-of-a-kind human-density stench, but L.A. does the same with its cars; New York's streets ooze with nasty brown slush in the winter-spring......