Shelley Leopold

Justin Van Hoy; Credit: Photo by Gregory Bojorquez

Justin Van Hoy, L.A. Artist, Curator and Designer: A Tribute

On Nov. 14, Los Angeles' art community lost Justin Van Hoy, 31, to a long bout with cancer. Van Hoy was an artist, designer, curator, a husband and most recently, published author. He was nicknamed the "Dutch Giant" because he towered over most people at a height of 6'5, punctuated......
Credit: Hannah Domogala

Adam Ant Is No Longer a Goody Two Shoes

Adam Ant, the charismatic post-punk British pop star responsible for a generation of pirate shirts, returns to the U.S. after a long absence. Now 57, he's picked up more tattoos and a smoking habit since we saw him last; despite being battle scarred from years in the music business and......
Zes; Credit: Shannon Cottrell

Zes on His Journey From Graffiti to the Gallery

Zes, aka Zeser, aka Zes AWR/MSK, is a Los Angeles graffiti artist with a feral stare that you might only notice in serial killers or creative geniuses. He has been one of L.A.'s most prolific taggers for many years. If you look up every now and again, you may have......