Shana Nys Dambrot

Credit: Courtesy Steve Hirsh

Art Pick: Gallery Night at the Bendix Building

You can’t miss the towering red neon sign atop the Bendix Building. Once and partly still a bustling garment industry center of manufacture and merchandising, increasingly, it’s also home to a dance company (Heidi Duckler), artist studios (about 40) and independent contemporary art galleries (about 10 at last count). And this weekend, that number ticks up, with the inaugural exhibition at Von Lintel Gallery anchoring a night of opening receptions throughout the building....
L.A. MUDPEOPLE; Credit: Courtesy of the artist

Art Pick: Mike Mollett and L.A. Mudpeople at MorYork

Mollett’s current exhibition at MorYork Gallery's new Highland Park location features a number of his small and large spheres, ball-shaped tumbleweeds made of scavenged materials which can be rolled and shaken and played with, as well as a series of quieter sculptures and prints based on the urban/organic scavenging idiom. The exhibition is on through May 30, but Sunday afternoon it is activated by the Mudpeople and Bent City in a live performance event....
Tim Youd retyping Raymond Chandler's "Farewell

Meet an Artist Monday: Tim Youd

Tim Youd makes lavishly textured abstract and word-based paintings, but to classify him as a painter ignores a massive territory in his interdisciplinary practice which involves literature, durational site-specific performances, and aesthetic physical artifacts generated therewith. In brief, Youd chooses important books and re-types them…...
Greg Craola Simkins

Art Pick: Greg "Craola" Simkins at KP Projects Opens May 18

In his exhibition of new paintings Let the Outside In, Simkins expands on his strangely romantic, finely painted, lavishly detailed, storybook surrealism, offering a new suite of anthropomorphic birds and beasts enacting symbolic, emotionally charged vignettes of courtly, literary whimsy....
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