Shana Nys Dambrot

David Drebin

GoLA Art Pick: David Drebin at Art Angels

Sweeping landscapes of urbanity and its environs host stylish leading ladies in unlikely yet familiar prop scenarios — red balloons, iconic architecture, freeways — in Drebin's modern update on a timeless photographic idiom. Art Angels will show photography as well as the artist's explorations in sculpture, etched glass, and neon....
Leeroy New; Credit: Courtesy of the artist

GoLA Art Pick: The PULO Project at the NoMad

With exhibitions and performative activations, such as Leeroy New's "Aliens of Manila," about ten artisans present freshy conceived, assertively avant-garde visuals and site-specific objects that express differences and bridge divides....
Mi Kafchin

Mi Kafchin’s Chernobyl Springtime

For a visual artist born in Romania the same year of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster (1986) the impulse to excavate the magic dystopian realism of the scenario and its aftermath is easy to imagine. In Mi Kafchin’s canvases, compositional tension is built between the push and pull of brutalist architectural splendor and feral, radioactive nature....
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