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Hot damn! Two Grammy nominations!; Credit: YouTube screen grab

Songwriter Jeff Bhasker Reveals the Origin of "Uptown Funk"

Plenty of musicians bang out good songs. But to really get a hit, you have to work for it. That is the lesson songwriter/producer Jeff Bhasker imparts as he discusses the painstaking efforts that went into crafting Mark Ronson’s 2015 hit “Uptown Funk.” Co-written primarily by Ronson, Bhasker and Bruno......

Best Selection of Used Japanese Car Engines

It's nice to know a trustworthy mechanic, but sometimes your car needs more than a quick fix. The next time your Civic's engine explodes on the 110, make your way to Soken Trade Corporation. Tucked away in a warehouse/garage space in North Hollywood, this shop sells used motors and transmissions......
Credit: Thomas R. Wood

Most Unpredictable Weekday Stand-Up Night

The wooden stage was built by hand. The venue looks like somebody's loft apartment. The jokes tend to be weird, surprising and/or awkward. All in all, Good Looks offers the perfect boost to a weekday night. Hosted by Portland transplants Andrew Michaan and Ian Karmel, the free show — held......
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