Malcolm Bedell

Quesarito; Credit: Malcolm Bedell

The Quesarito: Taco Bell Takes on Chipotle's Secret Menu

Taco Bell has never been a stranger to remixing existing ideas and ingredients into new product offerings. It's the natural consequence of having only five basic fillings to work with; sometimes, you've gotta get inventive. The latest launch, however, marks the first time that Taco Bell has cross-pollinated across both......
The Breakfast Burger from Carl's Jr.; Credit: Malcolm Bedell

The Breakfast Burger from Carl's Jr. Hates You

Unless your idea of fine dining includes eating a room-temperature slab of grey beef from a warming tray at a highway rest stop while sitting in the stuffy sleeping compartment of your semi, the cold sweat prickling your skin as you pray to come down smoothly from the benzadrine you've......
McDonald's "Mighty Wings"; Credit: Malcolm Bedell

Can You Spare 10 Million Pounds of Chicken Wings?

After quietly dropping them from the menu a few months ago in the face of low sales and mostly lukewarm reviews, Mighty Wings have reappeared on drive-through menu boards nationwide. Why the sudden reappearance of America's "meh"-iest chicken wings? With the launch of Mighty Wings, McDonald's was swinging wildly for......
Filet-o-Fish from McDonald's; Credit: Malcolm Bedell

Is McDonald's Fish Sandwich What Fast Food Is Supposed to Be?

In 1962, Cincinnati, Ohio-based McDonald's franchisee Lou Groen had a problem. His local clientele was close to 90% Roman Catholic, which was causing his restaurant to founder mightily on Fridays and during Lent, the 40-day period leading up to Easter during which Roman Catholics abstain from eating meat. In those......
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