Lila Seidman

A participant in a recent Tuesday night class learns the basics of shibari

Inside the Koreatown Dojo Dedicated to the Art of Japanese Rope Bondage

Mention anything bondage-related and Zetsu Nawa reflexively geeks out. A casual reference to a dotted gag in one of his thousands of drawings and photos of bound women launches him into a mini-lecture about its “humiliation factor” in modern Japan. It’s just a dishtowel, he explains. “It’s like he......
Credit: Cal Pet

Best Pet Crematorium

Despite dealing in dead pets (and heartbreak) day in and day out, the staff at Cal Pet Crematory remains exceedingly warm and gentle. If you can find the little stucco beacon of empathy, tucked in an industrial labyrinth in Sun Valley, you might be greeted by owner and poodle fanatic......
Chauntelle Tibbals wants to "liberalize people's sexual expressions."; Credit: Photo by Sam Marx

Meet L.A.'s (New) Resident Porn Professor

In 2013, Pasadena City College professor Hugo Schwyzer reigned as the internet-famous “porn professor.” He taught a Navigating Pornography class and drew national headlines for hosting male porn star James Deen as a guest lecturer. Then Schwyzer's career went down in proverbial flames when it was revealed he was sleeping......
Credit: Lila Seidman

Best Mediterranean

"When we see customers happy, we get happy," Hy Mart owners George and Mariam Eshoei chant in unison. As if on cue, lunch seekers file into the Mediterranean-fusion sandwich shop, beaming as they exchange pleasantries with the middle-aged married couple who seem to know them all by name. Hy Mart......
Credit: Lila Seidman

Best Copy Shop for Would-Be Celebs

A copy shop isn't exactly a destination. Kinkos evokes quotidian terror. And it makes sense given that each part that makes the copy shop whole (printer, scanner, computers) is typically gray, or shades thereof. Tucked in a mini-mall in North Hollywood, NoHo Copy has managed to transcend bland and do......
Sons of Anarchy adult casting expert Howard Levine

Need a Porn Star for Your TV Show? Call Howard Levine

We’re all familiar with the off-Hollywood trope: An unctuous man with a thick gold chain around his neck lures naive young women into the porn world by promising them fame and fortune. “Hey, pretty girl, I could make you a star!” But with small-screen hits such as 14-time Emmy Award......
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