What has been Lisa Loeb's best look throughout the years? Ha, j/k, because Lisa Loeb has only had one look throughout the years. Fortunately for the surviving members of Generation X (the ones who didn't slack themselves into oblivion) it's a winner: The cute quirky, thirtysomething girl with glasses look. It worked great when she was in her mid-20s, worked appropriately great in her mid-30s, and now continues to work gangbusters in her mid-40s .

So in honor of her just-released album No Fairy Tale, play our fun game below and guess which year the publicity shot comes from! (Answers at the bottom.)

Super iconic, right? But what year is it from?

1) 1995, 2000, or 2005

We remember the era of this look so well, when either Clinton, Bush, or Obama was president.

2) 1997, 2002, or 2009

A very cool look from her early, mid, or late career.

3) 1994, 2004, or 2013

Young and sassy! Or perhaps nearing-middle-aged and sassy. But definitely sassy.

4) 1995, 2000, or 2005

Straight guys and lesbians who have a thing for particularly young women or women who are a bit older were really into this one.

5) 1995, 2000, or 2007

Her latest! Or was this her debut? Hard to remember.

6) 1994, 2004, or 2013

Answer Key:

Top photo: 2013

1) 1995

2) 1997

3) 2004

4) 1995

5) 2007

6) 2013

Lisa Loeb performs at the Bootleg on February 20

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