You could say it's the house that Anna Nicole Smith built. The 30,000-square foot Mediterranean villa in Benedict Canyon has a 90210 zip code, seven bedrooms, 18 bathrooms, a chef-worth kitchen, a 17-car garage, a wine cellar and an elevator.

And, apparently, it was just built. Is Guess clothing co-founder and the property's owner, Armand Marciano, trying to flip this house?

Maybe. It comes with nearly 20 acres of prime, Golden Triangle land (a nearly unheard of amount), but the price is more Galliano than Guess:

$63 million.

That's a lot of mid-priced jeans. (Just as an aside, what a money-printing organization Guess has been since it was founded in 1981. It's not so much a fashion company as a marketing company: Let other people make your clothes and accessories — with your necessary approval, of course — hire top models, and take out ads in Vanity Fair and fashion magazines and watch the royalties roll in).

Marciano's view.; Credit: joycerey.com

Marciano's view.; Credit: joycerey.com

The home is listed with Joyce Rey, real estate agent to the stars. (Her website has more eight-figure homes listed than we knew existed).



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