A boycott of eBay and Meg Whitman is being organized following revelations that the gubernatorial candidate and former auction-site CEO has turned against same-sex marraige in her fight for the Republican nomination. Her pro-Prop. 8 stance comes despite having an executive assistant who is lesbian and some former eBay colleagues who are gay, according to Valleywag.

Whitman has been notoriously moderate on some of the social issues that make right-wing Republicans froth at the mouth. But fighting among one's own own for a party nomination makes people take strange turns, and moving against gay marriage is just one such move.

Valleywag notes that some fat-cat campaign contributors, including some former executives at eBay, where Whitman was CEO, supported the anti-Prop. 8 campaign with big checks. So her stance could be a stumbling block when it comes to fund-raising in this notoriously liberal state.

LA Weekly