That indoor greenhouse (and we emphasize the green) next door to the Los Angeles Police Department's Topanga Division in Canoga Park was a pretty good-sized operation. Police found 1,000 plants along with a sophisticated irrigation and lighting system that appeared to be highly organized and perhaps even high-tech.

But the real last draw for officers was that the warehouse-like facility contained elements that appear to make clear growers were quite aware of how close they were to the fuzz: The operation enlisted a ventilation system and caulking that sealed cracks and seams, according to television reports from the scene.

Contrary to our first thoughts that maybe the growers were stoned enough to believe hiding in plain sight was actually a good idea, it looks like this crew had major cajones and tried to conceal their business from the boys and girls in blue.

After officers outside the station reported catching a whiff of some sticky, an investigation ensued, and the place was put under surveillance.

Officers “noticed that traffic in and out of the building was very minimal,” said Officer Karen Rayner. “The ventilation had also been upgraded. The utility bills were isproportionately higher. The rooms in the building were filled with hydroponics equipment.”

Cops scored a search warrant, which was served Wednesday afternoon. Three men who were allegedly working at the grow house were arrested.

LA Weekly