Like a Voltron of rock, the five piece, three city, two country collaboration Grouplove has assembled into a vicious force to rock your face. With two members from L.A., two from Brooklyn, and one from London (who all met in Greece, no less), Grouplove has roots from across the globe. But now, they've relocated to Los Angeles to let their music grow.

Grouplove's big sound can only get bigger as music wanks NME and Nylon bestowed them serious kudos even before their debut album is released. Their sound has a lot of touchstones in indie-to-mainstream bands like Arcade Fire, Pixies, Flaming Lips, and, maybe even old school Weezer. Sounds like a good mix, yeah? A slight throwback that looks ahead, just how we like it.

This weekend they open for Florence + the Machine for their two dates at the Wiltern, and tehy will be back for a month-long residency at The Bootleg in January. But we wanted to give you a head start on this sure to be buzz band.

So listen to “Colours” from their upcoming debut EP to be released in January, and start your namedropping early.

Colours – Grouplove by Drewtewksbury

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