A Grim Sleeper serial murder suspect is behind bars and facing a murder case of historic proportions that alleges he killed 10 women and dumped their bodies around South L.A.

But detectives believe Lonnie Franlkin Jr. might be linked to as many as eight other homicide cases and fear even more women than that could have had their lives cut short by the man they allege is the Sleeper.

That's because, cops say, he kept a collection of creepy photos:

While investigators have gone through most of a stash of about 1,000 pictures they say they found at Franklin's South L.A. home, 42 snapped between 1976 and 2010 remain uncleared, the LAPD stated today.

In other words, detectives couldn't track down and verify that the women in them are still alive. The photos are posted here.

Unidentified.; Credit: LAPD

Unidentified.; Credit: LAPD

Particularly unsettling are photos of women who are sleeping, unconscious or possibly worse. At least two women appear to be sleeping or unconscious while in the passenger seat of a vehicle. (See one here). (Who takes a nap in a stranger's or even a friend's vehicle?).

The department previously unleashed 180 photos with the same aim.

The LAPD took to Facebook and Twitter to publicize the latest ones, hoping that someone will recognize a friend or loved and verify that she is not a victim in the case.

If you recognize anyone detectives would like to hear from you: 1-877-527-3247.

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