Greenwolf’’s Zalympix has brought together 19 of the biggest brands in boutique indoor cannabis for a people’s choice award organized by the owners of one of the most respected top-shelf menus in California.

There are a total of 16 half-eighth entries to account for the fact you can only give someone an ounce per day legally in California if they don’t have a doctor’s note. The box comes out to $700 total after taxes.

The brands that will be featuring their finest heat for the contest are Alien Labs, Bohemian Estate, Cali Kush Farms, Cannatique, Connected, DEO Farms (who we’ll be featuring in a few weeks), Doja, Dubz Garden, Green Dawg, Kush Co, La Coz, LA Family Farms, Low Key Farms, Lumpy’s, The Association, The TENco, Turtle Pie Co, Wizard Trees and Zushi.

The festivities will cap off with an award ceremony that will double as a 7th anniversary birthday bash for Greenwolf. Contestants will be competing for Best Overall, Best Tasting, Best Looking, Best Terps, Most Gassy and Most Potent.

We chatted with Greenwolf’s founders, Brian and Adam, about putting the event together.

“It was an idea we thought of a few months ago,” Brian told L.A. Weekly. “We plan on making it a little bit more streamlined and bigger as they roll out because we got an overwhelming response from cultivators and brands, as well as the public.”

Without trying to look like we were kissing ass, we noted that from the outside looking in, it certainly seemed like one of the highest caliber cannabis contests ever put together. All the brands taking part have survived and ascended the state’s brutal legal market that didn’t even give many a chance. The pair agreed.

“Yeah. I mean, I don’t want to sound like I’m being egotistical, but I think this has to be,” agreed Brian. “I mean, High Times and stuff are good. But like the caliber of competitors, I’ve never seen one like this.”

We asked the pair if they thought the event would be able to scale up at the same pedigree. They do. Because there is always new heat, and new waves of excitement when it comes to the best pot in the world. Hitting those waves of excitement early is par for the course at Greenwolf. It’s the standard expectation.

“We were the first shop in Southern California with Sherbinskis years ago, before he had his shop. We were the first shop in L.A. with Connected, the first shop with Cookies. This was years ago before these people all had their own shops,” Adam said, before adding Alien Labs and Zkittelz to the list.

Obviously, these kinds of names are exactly the type of brands lower bar products would love to find themselves next to on shelves. How does the Greenwolf team evaluate new products for potential to make their shelves? It’s not often somebody pops up completely off the radar. “We’ve already known about the people. … If there is somebody new that’s doing cool stuff, I think we’re gonna hear about them just because of the nature of the industry,” Brian said.

While the contest will feature indoor, many believe that greenhouse-grown, light-deprivation style’s cost to quality ratio will see it dominate the marketplace in the future.

“I believed that theory at one point too,” Brian said.

“Yeah, we really thought that especially back in 2016 when we built our facilities,” Adam said. “We really went heavy on greenhouse and I just think that people forget that, no different from alcohol, there’s still always a connoisseur market out there. I think that obviously there’s people that love to bargain, but you know we really believe we go after that connoisseur market. Those people are always going to buy indoor.”

Keep an eye out for some of the Zalympix entries in The Strains of Father’s Day later this week.

LA Weekly