Once you've checked out The Loose Salute, may we interest you in Graveface's second offering for June 7: a revamped “deluxe” version of Black Moth Super Rainbow's Dandelion Gum? Here's what happened: A biblical flood (no, really) hit the label's warehouse and the remaining stock of this 2007 release by the genius Western Pennsylvania psych collective was wrecked. So the label is giving it another chance, adding to the package 14 rare and unreleased tracks. The group's Mellotron and Moog-drenched ballads haven't lost any of their considerable initial charm, bridging the gap between the lysergia of Syd Barrett–era Pink Floyd and Olivia Tremor Control and the comedown vibes of Daft Punk and Air. The 2011 version of Dandelion Gum (Deluxe) will be released on CD, cassette and picture disc. That should show that stupid flood who's boss.

LA Weekly